Sylvatica is a cryobanking R&D company focused on saving lives by developing technologies to increase the availability and quality of organs and tissues for transplantation.

At Sylvatica, we’re reimagining human health. We strive to transform organ transplantation, trauma care, oncofertility and regenerative medicine through technology that stops or controls biological time.


The Promise to Transform Medicine

The ability to replace organs and tissues on demand could save or improve millions of lives each year globally and create public health benefits on par with curing cancer. Unmet needs for organ and tissue preservation place enormous logistical limitations on transplantation, regenerative medicine, drug discovery, and a variety of rapidly advancing areas spanning biomedicine.

A growing coalition of researchers, clinicians, advocacy organizations, academic institutions, and other stakeholders has assembled to address the unmet need for preservation advances, outlining remaining challenges and identifying areas of underinvestment and untapped opportunities.

Meanwhile, recent discoveries provide proofs of principle for breakthroughs in a family of research areas surrounding biopreservation. These developments indicate that a new paradigm, integrating multiple existing preservation approaches and new technologies that have flourished in the past 10 years, could transform preservation research.

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Supercooling enables long-term transplantation survival following 4 days of liver preservation

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Supercooling preservation and transplantation of the rat liver

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Cryopreservation by vitrification

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Vitreous cryopreservation maintains the function of vascular grafts

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Nanowarming improves cryopreservation

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Improved tissue cryopreservation using inductive heating of magnetic nanoparticles

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The promise of organ and tissue preservation to transform medicine

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Buying time for transplants

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Sylvatica's founding team has a strong track record of bringing technologies from idea to clinic via venture capital funding, FDA go-aheads and IPOs.  Our scientists include several fellows of the International Society for Cryobiology and members of the National Academies.




Wait not in vain

After decades of piecemeal progress, the science of cryogenically storing human organs is warming up

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Cryopreservation aims to engineer novel ways to freeze, store, and thaw organs

Five years ago, even top cryobiologists doubted that a human organ would ever be successfully frozen and thawed.

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U.S. Funds Efforts to Freeze Human Organs for Long-Term Storage

A glimmer of hope emerges for preserving transplantable livers and hearts in cold storage. As for brains—only in sci-fi…

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Beating the organ clock

Donor organ monitoring and ex vivo perfusion technology are transforming transplantation and offering new therapeutic opportunities.

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